Rumba Dance Lessons

The Delights of Dancing – Lessons for Adults

It’s extremely rare to find a sport or leisure activity which is rapidly growing in popularity again, physical in nature, suitable for all adult age groups and much loved by all, from complete beginners to those who are naturally talented or eminently competent.

Nevertheless, such a social pursuit does exist and is not difficult to find at a convenient location if you work in or reside near a major South African centre, and best of all, you don’t require expensive special gear in order to participate. You don’t even need to have a partner; singles and couples eagerly participate and are equally welcome.

What is this amazing activity? It’s dance, which has a long history and is not new, but there’s an immense resurgence in its universal appeal, locally and worldwide. To be more specific, we refer to social ballroom and Latin American dances.

Our studio and friendly, professional instructors offer lessons and ample opportunities to get you started, progressing at a pace which is comfortable for you and your schedule, and to practice your newly acquired, rapidly improving skills in an enjoyable, fun environment regularly, weekly and monthly.

Latin’s Lovely Rumba

The sensual rumba combines African rhythm with distinctive Spanish melodies. Rumba’s hip action emanates from foot placement, known as the Cuban Motion, which is characteristic of most Latin dance forms.

Non-dancers, who are unaware of this technique, mistakenly think that the Cuban movement is initiated in and by the hips. Actually, foot placement holds the secret of graceful hip undulations, without disturbing an even top line and steady shoulders, the latter being a requirement in most ballroom and Latin dances.

Timing is measured in Slow, Quick and Quick Steps, typically set to a 4/4 beat of which the tempo may vary. Cuban Motion’s Slow Step almost seems to linger and hold before the next step is taken, almost as though the dancer is slightly reluctant to let go of it.

Besides being a beautiful dance and a sheer joy to perform, Rumba develops one’s timing, muscle control, sense of rhythm and appreciation of music. Like all other dance styles, it’s a healthy activity with both physical and cardiovascular components, but you won’t even be immediately aware of exercise and health benefits, because you’ll be having too much fun, while enjoying great music.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, your feet will itch to get you up and dancing each time you hear a piece of music with a Rumba beat, be it in a Blues, Rock & Roll, Country and Western, or other genre. This recognition and natural enthusiasm usually follows after only few of our private lessons.

Additional Styles

In America, the traditional Rumba was adapted somewhat and it formed the basis for the localised Mambo and Cha-Cha, which also utilise the Cuban Motion to varying degrees, particularly so in the Mambo’s Side and Rock Steps, which accentuate hip movement.

Arthur Murray Studios in the USA, our parent company, was renowned for training some of the world’s leading Mambo dancers from the latter part of the 1940s onwards. At Arthur Murray in Pretoria, Benoni, Bryanston and elsewhere in South Africa, we strive to continue their proud tradition – providing easily learned dance lessons to all our countrymen and women.

In addition to the Latin styles already mentioned, our lessons also include the Swing, Samba, Foxtrot, Tango and Waltz – all the styles, rhythms and techniques you’ll need to become a proficient social dancer, sought after at parties and celebrations – anywhere where there’s music and a spot in which to move your feet and body.

You Can Dance

You don’t have two left feet; you can dance, with assistance and lessons from the instructors at our studio. All you need is the ability to count. All we need is your presence and you’ll be doing the Rumba and more, having loads of fun and experiencing a multitude of new health and social benefits, sooner than you ever thought possible.