Private Dance Lessons

Express Yourself through Private Dance Lessons at Arthur Murray

Dance is more than rhythmic movements – it is the expression of one’s emotions! When you dance, you interpret music through your body and it gives you the opportunity to communicate with others without words. When you visit one of the celebrated Arthur Murray dance studios, we schedule a complementary private dance lesson to get you on your feet and tapping away at the dance floor.

There is no need to have a partner or special knowledge of dancing, or even a specific type of dance shoe! All you need is a willingness to learn and openness to the beauty of dance and new experiences. Once your complementary private dance lesson is completed, your experienced instructor will then recommend a dancing program that suits your goals and level of progress.

Equipped with the knowledge to make an informed decision, we will answer any questions you may have. If you don’t want to take up dancing in groups, we can arrange for private dance lessons in a welcoming and warm environment tailored to make you feel at ease. We also help you to fit your dance program into your schedule to make sure that you find the time to commit to the many benefits that you will soon be experiencing from your private dance lessons.

Personalised Private Dance Lessons from the Experts

Additionally, we offer bespoke private dance lessons to meet your specific needs. Whether you need to prepare some steps for a wedding, or want to brush up on your dancing for a reunion or other event, we can help you build confidence and skill to show off your new dance moves with ease.

For those who want to move away from private dance lessons and enjoy a group vibe, this is also possible. Not only will Arthur Murray dance studios introduce you to the beautiful art of dance, but we also offer you many fantastic social opportunities. We have created regular weekly social and monthly dancing events aimed at helping to completely immerse our students in the dancing culture. Here you can also socialise with other people who share your passion and interest in your specific dance type.

Enjoy dancing with instructors and other students in a comfortable and relaxed environment. You will also have the opportunity to practice your dances and gain new skills that you have learned in your private dance lessons, all while having a great time.

So What Dances Do We Teach?

We teach most types of popular dance. Whatever you are after, we can come up with a customised teaching plant that will help you live your passion. Here are a few of those enduring dances that help to make social dancing fun.

  • The Cha-Cha;
  • Fox Trot;
  • Mambo;
  • Rumba;
  • Samba; and
  • Swing, to name a few.

Aside from gaining more self-confidence in your daily life and on the dance floor, attending private dance lessons also offer many other advantages. You will get more enjoyment out of your social life, make new friends and take the time to unwind and have fun on a regular basis.

Look forward to improving your overall health and find fun exercises and fitness programs that you actually enjoy doing! Getting fit and staying healthy does not need to be a chore any longer with private dance lessons from Arthur Murray. We are proud of our worldwide reputation for excellence and continue to help many people from every walk of life to tap into the pleasures and passions that dance offers. Contact Arthur Murray to set up an appointment for your complementary private dance lesson and start your dance journey today!