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Dance Lessons

Top Reasons to Take Dance Lessons

If you frequently find that you like to move your body to the rhythm of music, enjoy singing on your own, and dream about being able to glide across the floor in style, you are not alone and should not let it stay a dream.

Once you act on your dream, you make it a reality. Being that person that sits at the table drinking cocktails and nibbling on the snacks at a wedding, without ever setting foot on the dance floor, can be uncomfortable. You can either go to social event after social event being embarrassed about your lack of ballroom or couples dancing skills, avoid such events altogether or embrace the opportunities to meet new people, get admiring stares from onlookers because of your eloquent dance movements and enjoy every moment of moving with the music.

Dance lessons are the answer.  If your heart started to pound heavily in your chest just now, do not let the fear of embarrassment keep you back. Everyone starts out not knowing what to expect and fearing the first lesson. Here’s the good news. Your first lesson at any of the Arthur Murray Dance Studios, in South Africa, is completely free and private. The keywords here are “free” and “private”. Continue reading

Dance Studio

Arthur Murray Dance Studios in South Africa – Frequently Asked Questions

The Arthur Murray Dance Studio franchises offer relaxed environments in which to learn various ballroom dance styles. That being said, we understand that the jitters associated with doing something completely new can be reduced significantly if you have enough information to make an informed decision.  As such, a few of the frequently asked questions are briefly answered below.

I am 40 years old – can I still learn to dance at this age?

Even if you have never danced before, you can learn and enjoy the process. Whether you are 16 years old and want to learn how to couples dance before your senior year or are in your early fifties, dancing is for everyone. The instructors are well-trained, experienced and passionate about dancing. They are also passionate about people and fun. This ensures that every lesson will be a journey and that you will advance at your own pace. Continue reading

Learn to Dance

Learn to Dance Ballroom Style – Tips for Beginners

Learn to dance like a professional or simply to better your movement skills at one of the Arthur Murray Dance Studios across the country. The lessons are fun, presented on individual or group level and guaranteed to help you master ballroom dance styles ranging from Mambo and Samba to Swing and Fox Trot, to name but a few of the popular styles.

A few tips are shared below to help you master ballroom styles quicker. Note that professional instruction is the best for learning to dance, but it can certainly not hurt to follow the guidelines below as well. Continue reading

Dance Classes

Ballroom Dance Classes for All Ages – Etiquette and Tips

Classes at the Arthur Murray Dance Studios around the country are exciting whether you are 16, 18, 40, or 50+ years old. Instruction is at your specific skills level, and where relevant, age groups can also be matched.

If you want to impress your fiancé or want to make an impression at the Matric farewell, attending ballroom dance classes should be your first step. Likewise, if you have been married for a while and want to create opportunities for doing fun things together, book a complimentary first lesson for you and your partner at any of the studios in South Africa. Continue reading

Dance Instructors

Learn from Fox Trot to Samba from the Arthur Murray Dance Instructors

More often than not, people shy away from ballroom dance classes because they are afraid that the instructors will not have sufficient patience to teach them. Nothing can be further from the truth when it comes to the Arthur Murray Dance Studios across the country.

The instructors are experienced in many types of traditional and modern dances and because they are used to working with beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers, they never frown upon anyone’s dancing skills. After all – if a person can dance perfectly why attend classes? Continue reading

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