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Easy Dance Lessons

Why Easy Dance Lessons are Good for Your Brain

Dancing has been proven to improve the brain’s function on numerous levels. In fact, recent studies show how different types of dance influence the dancer’s brain performance by blending together cognitive and cerebral thought processes with proprioception held in the cerebellum and muscle memory. By enjoying some type of regular weekly aerobics training that includes a variety of easy lessons, anyone can boost their brain’s function.

Ever wondered why professional dancers don’t seem to get dizzy? Do you feel dizzy at times when standing up? For those who are prone to dizziness, easy dance lessons have been proven to help improve balance, while also making the dancer less dizzy. In fact, Imperial College London researchers reported in September 2013 that there exists specific differences in the brain structure of ballet dancers that assist them in avoiding feelings of dizziness while performing pirouettes. Don’t think, however, that you have to become a trained ballerina to benefit from some type of dancing. Continue reading

Dance Lessons from Arthur Murray SA

Improve Your Quality of Life with Dance Lessons – And Rock the Dance Floor!

Dancing is not simply about music and steps. Instead, it is a perfect combination of mental stimulation, social interaction and physical activity. Professional dance lessons can wonderfully enhance your life in so many different ways. One of the ways is to get your body fit and healthy, without even noticing. Put all the thoughts of tough gym sessions out of your mind. You will have so much fun during your dance lesson that you won’t even realise your body is becoming fitter.

This form of expression is a low impact aerobic exercise. This means that while dancing, you are actually strengthening your lungs and heart, while at the same time increasing muscle tone and burning as many calories in a single hour of dancing as you would walking three kilometres.

As the popularity of professional dancing classes have escalated in recent years, thanks to the popularity of dancing competitions like Dancing With the Stars, professional athletes ranging from football champions, to professional skaters have all seen their sports performance improve after taking dancing lessons from pros. Dancing is truly a fantastic way to enjoy your workout in a laidback and exciting atmosphere. It is also guaranteed to be the most fun way of exercising. Continue reading

Dance Classes from Arthur Murray SA

Can Dance Classes Actually Make You Smarter?

For centuries, studies and dance manuals have praised the health benefits of dancing, usually attributable to the benefits of physical exercise. In recent years, a fresh abundance of research has highlighted many other health advantages of dancing, such as an increase in serotonin levels, producing a sense of wellbeing in dancers and leading to stress reduction.

A major study contributed to the emerging research, stating that stimulating one’s mind through dancing can help ward off Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, much as physical exercise keeps the body fit. The point is that there is now evidence to substantiate the claim that dancing can boost cognitive sharpness at any age. The New England Journal of Medicine also reported on the results of leisure activities on mental acuity in aging. Continue reading

Dance Classes

Different Styles of Dance Classes at Arthur Murray for First Timers and Experienced Dancers

If you are new to the world of dance, or would simply like to try out Arthur Murray as a dance school, then dust off your dancing shoes for your complementary dance lesson! At Arthur Murray, we will get you dancing with a complementary dancing lesson to show you what we have to offer you. You don’t need a dance partner, any special type of dance shoes or any knowledge of professional dancing at all.

After you receive your first full session, one of our seasoned professional instructors will recommend a dancing programme that will perfectly suit your specific goals and your own level of dancing knowledge and experience. You will have all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision and have all your questions about dancing answered. We have tailored programmes that will fit around your needs, whether you would like to learn to dance for a wedding, a professional event or a reunion, or if you are just looking for a way to have fun on the dance floor with confidence, you will find it at Arthur Murray. Continue reading

Beginner Dance Lessons

Start Beginner Dance Lessons with Arthur Murray

Arthur Murray is a world leader in the teaching of many different dance styles. Today, Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studios around the world continue the rich tradition of more than 100 years in teaching people from all walks of life to dance. When you sign up for beginner lessons with Arthur Murray Dance Studios, you will receive a complimentary dance lesson to put you on the road to your new life as a dancer!

We will get your feet dancing with a complimentary lesson, so that you can see what all the fuss is about. Best of all, is that you do not need any special knowledge of dancing, special shoes or a dancing partner to start your lifelong journey with dance. Once you have completed your full dancing session, the instructor will recommend the correct programme that will best suit your level of progress and your goals. Continue reading

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