Learn to Dance (Various Dance Types)

Learn to Dance – It’s Easy and Fun

As so many of our beginners and aspirant dancers report, you too must also on occasion have been mesmerised by the mastery and sheer joy of a couple having fun out on the dance floor, fervently wishing that you could also learn to dance just like them and join in.

Well, you can. Under the capable tuition of our friendly, professional instructors, soon you will also be up on your feet, learning to dance and having more fun than you could ever imagine, right from the very first moment of your first free lesson. Continue reading

Dance Classes from Arthur Murray

Discover the Health Benefits of Dance Classes

Recent studies have proven that dance classes offer many different health benefits to students. One of the most profound advantages is the benefit to memory, as students and dancers are tasked with remembering various dance moves. This increases the level of brain chemical cells used to encourage the growth of nerve cells. It is also a fun and active way to ensure that you stay fit and in shape throughout the year.

Another popular research study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2003 showed that ballroom dancers have a far lower probability of developing dementia. Dance classes have a positive impact on the students and dancers’ health. It really doesn’t matter whether you enrol for ballroom, jazz, tap dance or hip-hop. Each style of dance contributes to the overall health of the dancer. Continue reading



If you like dancing, we’ve got the perfect opportunity for you at Arthur Murray Dance Studios!

Vacancies for full-time instructors are currently available & training is of the highest standard. Applicants must be well-groomed and fully bilingual. If you are interested, please contact one of our studios as soon as possible.

Pretoria: (012) 342 1000

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Hou jy van dans? Indien wel, is ‘n beroep as instrukteur by Arthur Murray Dansateljee dalk die perfekte geleentheid om jou ambisies te bewaarheid.


Ons opleiding is van die hoogstaande gehalte! Applikante moet goed versorg en ten volle tweetalig wees.

Indien jy belangstel, skakel een van ons ateljees so spoedig moontlik.

Pretoria: (012) 342 1000

Benoni: (011) 849 0153

Bryanston: (011) 706 7557




Wedding Dance Lessons

Take Dance Lessons Before the Big Day and Impress at Your Wedding

Brides dream about every detail of their weddings for many years before the Big Day arrives – often even before meeting their prince charming! For many wedding couples, leaving their first dance to chance is not an option. If you would like to make sure that you impress at your wedding with a stylish and polished first dance, then sign up for wedding dance lessons with Arthur Murray. Our wedding programme can be tailored to your specific needs and we can help you to perfect your routine to your chosen wedding song.

Whether you are looking to learn a romantic waltz for your special day, or want to shock with a dramatic tango, our wedding dance lessons will have you turning it out on the dance floor like a pro. Our professional dance instructors are happy to choreograph a special routine for your opening number that is sure to fit the mood of your wedding. Continue reading

Private Dance Lessons

Express Yourself through Private Dance Lessons at Arthur Murray

Dance is more than rhythmic movements – it is the expression of one’s emotions! When you dance, you interpret music through your body and it gives you the opportunity to communicate with others without words. When you visit one of the celebrated Arthur Murray dance studios, we schedule a complementary private dance lesson to get you on your feet and tapping away at the dance floor.

There is no need to have a partner or special knowledge of dancing, or even a specific type of dance shoe! All you need is a willingness to learn and openness to the beauty of dance and new experiences. Once your complementary private dance lesson is completed, your experienced instructor will then recommend a dancing program that suits your goals and level of progress. Continue reading