Arthur Murray SA – Learn how to dance today

Arthur Murray SA has the Answer to Having Fun

Whilst it’s true that virtually all people who are joining Arthur Murray SA today want to learn how to dance, their reasons for wanting to do so are likely to vary. Couples may be about to get married, but are dreading that all important first waltz with which to open the floor, whilst others may wish to add another dimension and something new to their relationship.

Super for Singles

For single persons, taking lessons with Arthur Murray to learn how to dance, attending weekly socials and having loads of fun all the way, is an ideal way to broaden their horizons, make new friends, develop new social skills and engage in an additional hobby, interest or passion. Continue reading

Arthur Murray SA and Types of Dance

Arthur Murray in SA – Leading Experts in Social Dance Tuition

If you’re South African and want to learn different types of dance as taught by world-renowned experts, there’s really only one concern to which to go – Arthur Murray in SA. Our experienced teachers will ensure that you’ll find this experience easy and a whole lot of fun too. Many of our students have been with us for years, simply because they love this healthy activity and the social interaction which it provides.

Yet others have progressed to the required level of excellence which conforms to the company’s ethics and standards, and have chosen to open their own tuition centre, another Arthur Murray franchise, where they likewise teach their own learners the most popular types of Latin American and Ballroom dances. Continue reading

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Social Dancing – Learn to Dance

Social Dancing for All – Singles, Couples and You Too

Throughout the world, as well as here in the southern portion of the African continent, people of all cultures and civilisations have been dancing for many centuries and for numerous reasons – purely social or ritual, cultural, religious, or simply as a spontaneous expression of happiness and great joy, too powerful to contain.

Although sophisticated people tend to think of dancing as that which takes place only at parties, balls and other social occasions, most of South Africa’s indigenous peoples continue to perform age old dances, passed down through the generations. Continue reading

Dance Lessons from Arthur Murray SA

Enjoy a Complementary Dance Lesson from Arthur Murray

Start your journey to mastering dance with a complementary private dance lesson at Arthur Murray. We get your feet dancing with a free lesson, and you don’t even need a partner, special knowledge of dancing or special dance shoes! Book your complementary lesson with our dance studio to start your journey to becoming more comfortable on the dance floor and impressing your friends with all of your slick moves. Continue reading