Dance Studios Pretoria

5 Reasons to Learn to Dance at Our Dance Studios in Pretoria

Do you like the idea of dancing, but feel like a gorilla with two left feet on the dance floor?  Does the idea of a tango fascinate you but you don’t have a clue where to start?  Is your social life a bit iffy?  Well, you can take away any or all of these problems if you join our classes at our dance studios in Pretoria.  Here we will not only teach you to be a winner on the dancefloor, but also give you ample opportunity to improve your social life! Continue reading

Learn to Dance Today

7 Reasons Why All Men Should Learn to Dance Today!

Learning to dance is often seen as a pursuit that only women should be interested in and for many men, the only time they ever go to a dance lesson is when they are pressured into it to prepare for their wedding dance or another glamorous occasion. This is a great pity, as dancing has so many benefits to offer – especially to men! So, if you are a man and wondering how it could benefit you, here are some reasons why you should learn to dance today! Continue reading

Easy Dance Lessons – Learn to Dance

Do You Want to Learn to Dance?  Do It with Our Easy Dance Lessons!

Is your social life lacking?  Do your fitness levels need work?  Want to meet some new friends?  Want to try out a new hobby?  If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you should learn to dance!  Arthur Murray has a range of easy dance lessons that will teach you exactly what to do in a jiffy.  It is not only fun to dance, but there is a range of associated benefits that you will no doubt experience when you join an Arthur Murray dance studio near you!  Continue reading

Learn to Dance Benoni

Want to Learn to Dance? Benoni is the Place to Be!

Keen to extend your dancing skills?  When you learn to dance, you will quickly experience a whole range of benefits – not only to your body and your overall fitness levels, but also mentally and socially!  And for those who live in Gauteng, it is now easier than ever to learn to dance in Benoni with Arthur Murray.  Our instructors will first do an assessment with you to determine your overall skill level and suggest the most suitable dance classes for you.  There are just so many benefits associated with dancing that you will never be sorry that you started! Continue reading

Easy Dance Lessons – Learn to Dance

Tips for Those Who Want to Learn to Dance with Easy Dance Lessons

Most people like to dance, and a lot of them can dance, even kids!  Dancing well, however, is another matter, and quite often some instruction or expertise is needed to learn to dance.  Easy dance lessons can pay off in many different ways, but there are some things to think about before bouncing off to the first dance studio in the Yellow Pages and starting the process.  There is a variety of styles of dance, and some are more attractive (or doable) than others.  Of course, results are required, and it is essential that interest in the dance lessons or that particular dance is maintained, in order to persevere past the stage of easy lessons, and to learn to dance at a higher level. Continue reading