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Dance Lessons – Exercising Techniques

The Importance of Dance Lessons and Exercise Techniques

Dancing has been around for centuries and with the wide variety of dances available today, it’s easy to find a style that suits you. When it comes to dance lessons, exercising techniques are important and they will help you to become a better dancer in any style you choose.

There are many benefits to dancing. You can have more fun in your social life, enjoy a better self-confidence, meet new people, and improve your overall health. Dancing is a great way to improve your energy levels and endurance abilities, especially if you are completely new to any form of exercise or movement. You can also take part in dance lessons with a partner to make it even more fun and enjoyable. Continue reading

Beginner Dance Lessons

Why You Should Do Beginner Dance Lessons

It is a fact:  not all of us can shake our booties like an expert.  But we can rest assured in the knowledge that we do not have to dance like a professional to have fun!  People are often intimidated or too put off to get onto a dance floor at a wedding or at a party because they feel that they lack dancing skills.  The good news is that you can learn how to dance!  Modern TV programmes like “Strictly Come Dancing” prove to us that it is possible to teach somebody how to dance and for them to enjoy the process immensely.  But you have to start somewhere, and attending our beginner dance lessons is a very good place to start. Continue reading

Types of Dance

Interesting Facts about Different Styles and Types of Dance

Since the beginning of mankind we have always danced for various reasons, and different types of dance were used for different reasons and applications.  There we rain dances, fertility dances, wedding dances, birth dances, harvest dances – you name it, there was a dance for it!  Modern (or classic) dance types evolved into a standard group of dances, which we loosely term “ballroom dance”, but even in this category there are many different types of dance.  Dance styles usually affect the type of dance, and the dance style will depend on the country or location of the dance. Continue reading

Dance Classes

Learning to Dance:  Dance Classes or Teach Yourself at Home?

All of us would like to move like Jagger on the dance floor but unfortunately not all of us have the confidence and skill to do so!  If your inability to sweep across the dance floor like a pro is getting you down, the only thing you can do is to learn how to dance!  Dancing is a great skill to acquire and it can easily be taught, even if you are not especially athletic or musical; learning how to do it can be a lot of fun.  But now you have to wonder:  should you take dance lessons or just try to learn at home by yourself? Continue reading

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