Learn to Dance (Various Dance Types)

Learn to Dance – It’s Easy and Fun

As so many of our beginners and aspirant dancers report, you too must also on occasion have been mesmerised by the mastery and sheer joy of a couple having fun out on the dance floor, fervently wishing that you could also learn to dance just like them and join in.

Well, you can. Under the capable tuition of our friendly, professional instructors, soon you will also be up on your feet, learning to dance and having more fun than you could ever imagine, right from the very first moment of your first free lesson.

Complimentary Introduction

That’s right. Your first, introductory lesson is complimentary, private and completely free of charge or obligation. If, like so many others, you’re convinced that you have two left feet and that it’s impossible for you to learn to dance, your first lesson will quickly convince you otherwise.

Feel the Beat

Every piece of music ever written or composed has a rhythm or beat, without which it would just be a jumble of relatively unrelated sounds and notes. Providing that you can count, you can follow a beat; if you are able to follow the beat, you’ll be able to learn to dance, and that’s really all you need, plus of course, the guidance of your instructor.

Love Music

Most people have a natural, innate appreciation of some form of music. In fact, it may be so that one is born with an innate rhythmic ability, appreciation or love of music. Tiny tots will happily wave their arms or bounce around to the beat of a tune. The sheer pleasure of moving your body in time to a favourite piece of music is one of life’s great pleasures. Mankind has been doing so since time immemorial, across all cultures.

Benefits of Dance

  • It’s an outstanding form of exercise, since the entire body’s major muscles are involved and there are tremendous aerobic health benefits, without the stressors and stresses on bones and joints, typically created by certain types of high impact sport and strenuous exercises.
  • The perfect way to lose unwanted weight and firm up muscles, with all the advantages of improved circulation and heart/lung function.
  • Dancing is enjoyable and fun – you won’t even be aware that there’s an exercise component.
  • No age restrictions or limits for adults. Our members’ ages range across the spectrum, from the 20s to those in their 80s.
  • Our lessons are designed for singles and couples.
  • One of the best ways to de-stress, unwind and forget about the day’s worries and woes.
  • Great social activity, even if you’re single – meet lots of new people and attend weekly and monthly socials, where you can dance with a variety of partners – fellow students – at no additional cost.

Various Dance Types

Our studios are internationally synonymous with the art of dance and instruction therein, but we focus on teaching the most popular styles which will benefit our students in virtually ever social situation they’re likely to encounter. Dance types are broadly categorised under two main headings – Ballroom and Latin American styles.

Ballroom and Latin American

Although enduring and ever popular, these ballroom styles remain evocative of an era of sophistication, style and grace. They’re perennial favourites, like the Waltz (including the faster Viennese Waltz) and the Foxtrot (also known as the Quick Step).

Between the two categories, is the Swing, a lively style, dating back to the heyday of the American Big Band era. Those with a distinctly Latin heritage include the Cha Cha, Mambo – the carnival favourite – the Samba, and the romantic Rhumba, alternatively known as the Dance of Love.

Why Wait?

There’s a whole world of fun out there, so why wait? Contact your nearest studio, put on your boogie shoes and learn to dance – the benefits will be yours for the rest of your life, wherever you may be.