Learn to Dance Today

7 Reasons Why All Men Should Learn to Dance Today!

Learning to dance is often seen as a pursuit that only women should be interested in and for many men, the only time they ever go to a dance lesson is when they are pressured into it to prepare for their wedding dance or another glamorous occasion. This is a great pity, as dancing has so many benefits to offer – especially to men! So, if you are a man and wondering how it could benefit you, here are some reasons why you should learn to dance today!

1. You cannot avoid dancing: You may think that you will never be required to dance anywhere, or be in a situation where you wish you knew how to do dance, but this is wrong! At some stage of your life, you are going to be dragged onto a dancefloor by someone. Be it in a club, at a wedding or at a party, you are definitely going to find yourself on a dancefloor at some stage, wishing you knew how to throw some cool moves, especially if a partner is involved. You may as well accept that dancing is an inevitable part of life and learn how to do it properly!

2. Put your best foot forward: Men are not usually very well co-ordinated and this is evident in many aerobics classes and dancefloors. Dancing can improve your co-ordination and make you lighter on your feet, as well as give you better control over your body movements. Even Bruce Lee believed in dance – he was a cha-cha champ!

3. Learn how to treat a lady: One of the most important aspects of dancing is finding a partner to dance with, and learning how to approach a lady to initiate a dance can teach men a general, respectful approach towards women. Some dance instructors feel strongly that all teenage boys should learn a formal dance or two, as learning how to ask for a dance and dancing in a respectful way is all part of the process. It is not just as easy as pulling a girl onto a dancefloor – and it shouldn’t be. Learn how to do it properly!

4. Accomplishment: Very few things are as effective at boosting self-confidence as a sense of accomplishment, and humans generally get a sense of accomplishment by learning a new skill or performing a task that they have previously been incapable of. If you learn to dance today, you will find that your confidence improves along with your dancing skill, and moving across a dancefloor with a sense of style will in turn give you a sense of accomplishment and boost your self-esteem.

5. Meeting new people: Often a common interest, such as dancing, brings people together that would not normally get to know each other. Dancing is a wide interest shared by people from all walks of life, and there are many interesting people to meet that you would not otherwise get an opportunity to meet. This makes your life more entertaining and you may even make new friends or even find romance on the dance floor! Dancing is a worldwide interest and by learning how to do it, you become part of a worldwide community.

6. Improve fitness and mental health: We know that health and fitness go hand in hand, but not all men are into getting fit in the gym or playing football. Dancing is a great way to get fit, create better range of movement and increase flexibility. It also teaches better posture and a better understanding of the body. The movement of dance not only gives your body a good workout, but the enjoyment of the movement and the music reduces stress levels and results in a better overall state of mind.

7. Ladies love dancing: If none of the other reasons provide enough motivation to learn to dance, there is one that most men will appreciate: The girls love a man who can dance well. It shows that you have style, grace and that you are accomplished. Being able to sweep a girl off her feet on the dancefloor can only happen if you know how to dance! At weddings there are countless ladies on the dancefloor and only a handful of men that know how to tango, which means that you can greatly improve on your success rate with the ladies if you step up your skills. Get up there and learn how to dance today!

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