Learn to Dance Benoni

Want to Learn to Dance? Benoni is the Place to Be!

Keen to extend your dancing skills?  When you learn to dance, you will quickly experience a whole range of benefits – not only to your body and your overall fitness levels, but also mentally and socially!  And for those who live in Gauteng, it is now easier than ever to learn to dance in Benoni with Arthur Murray.  Our instructors will first do an assessment with you to determine your overall skill level and suggest the most suitable dance classes for you.  There are just so many benefits associated with dancing that you will never be sorry that you started!

9 Benefits of Dancing

  1. Increased fitness levels:  Once dancing gets you moving, you will experience better overall fitness.  You will build stamina as you are constantly on the move for a few minutes at a time, and the movements in turn will build better muscle tone and improve your cardiovascular fitness, and your overall health will benefit.
  2. Better posture:  To dance properly, you have to adopt the classic dancing posture, and often this strengthens the core muscles that help you to maintain a better posture every day and increase your range of movement.
  3. Improved overall health:  Dancing is really good exercise in Benoni and while having so much fun, you could actually get a lot of exercising done without realising it!  Dancing involves cardiovascular exercise, and it may help to improve circulation, increase the capacity of your lungs, help to control blood pressure, slow down ageing and lubricate the joints.
  4. Better cognitive abilities:  Whether you dance free style or with a partner, you have to maintain rhythm and coordination, which requires you to make split-second decisions and move accordingly.  This helps you to keep your mind and your body fit, and the decision-making process improves the speed at which your brain reacts.  This helps to keep the mind and the body fit for longer.
  5. Stress management:  Dancing is exercise and it is also a social activity, and both of these help to manage stress and alleviate depression.  Moving and learning new dances also gives one a sense of accomplishment, which increases the self-esteem and confidence.
  6. Increases the social circle:  Often, dance clubs are very social places where you can interact with various dance partners and peers.  Whether you learn to dance in Benoni or Pretoria, you are likely to encounter other people in your local area who are also keen on dancing, and your social circle can expand rapidly.  It is the ideal thing to do if you are new to an area and need to make new friends.
  7. Improves interaction:  Dancing is a very social activity and connecting with others is part of the process of learning to dance.  Those who are normally introverted and shy to strike up conversations with others will find that dancing gives them a common goal with others, and striking up conversations becomes less frightening, as they learn to dance with more people.
  8. Romance:  It is quite common for people to meet a new romantic partner on the dance floor in Benoni, and learning to dance may actually improve your chances of finding that new partner you have been looking for!  Certain types of dancing require the help of a partner, and this gives people a chance to interact and get to know each other better.  It also helps to build trust, which may even help existing couples to improve their communication and romantic connection.
  9. Artistic expression:  Dance is a really good way to express yourself, and you may find unique ways in which to express yourself during dancing.  Often, our jobs do not leave much room for self-expression, and being able to just let go and move with the music creates a feeling of freedom and creativity which can be very liberating.

If you live in Johannesburg and want to learn to dance in Benoni, give our studio at Arthur Murray a call.  We will have you dancing like a professional in no time!