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5 Reasons to Learn to Dance at Our Dance Studios in Pretoria

Do you like the idea of dancing, but feel like a gorilla with two left feet on the dance floor?  Does the idea of a tango fascinate you but you don’t have a clue where to start?  Is your social life a bit iffy?  Well, you can take away any or all of these problems if you join our classes at our dance studios in Pretoria.  Here we will not only teach you to be a winner on the dancefloor, but also give you ample opportunity to improve your social life!

There are many other reasons why you should learn to dance:

  1. You will get fit:  Exercise is beneficial to everyone, but not everyone wants to work out in a gym.  Learning to dance gives you an opportunity to get some exercise while learning a new skill.  You can start right at the beginning – and as your dancing skills improve, so will your fitness levels!
  2. You will get more flexible:  The range of movement required during dancing will improve your overall muscle tone and flexibility.  This means that there is less risk for muscle injuries, your joints will be better lubricated and your stiffness will decrease.
  3. Your posture will improve:  Dancing lessons teach grace and movement on the dancefloor, and as a result, posture is very important.  Regular dancing will improve your posture and give you stronger core muscles to support a good posture.  Muscle tone will be improved and you may even lose a kilogram or six!
  4. You will be happier:  People who exercise regularly are usually more relaxed and energetic.  Combining exercise with socialisation is a great way to relax and will bring more feel-good hormones into the body.  This means that regular dancing will help us deal with stress constructively and find an outlet for negative emotions.
  5. Your brain will be sharper:  It is just as important to exercise your brain as it is to exercise your body.  The dance moves that you are learning require concentration, recollection and muscle memory. The new steps also force the brain to focus on tempo and deliberate movements, which all help to keep the brain sharp!

To find out more about the other benefits of dancing, please call our instructors at our Arthur Murray dance studios in Pretoria!