Dance Lessons from Arthur Murray SA

Enjoy a Complementary Dance Lesson from Arthur Murray

Start your journey to mastering dance with a complementary private dance lesson at Arthur Murray. We get your feet dancing with a free lesson, and you don’t even need a partner, special knowledge of dancing or special dance shoes! Book your complementary lesson with our dance studio to start your journey to becoming more comfortable on the dance floor and impressing your friends with all of your slick moves.

When you take up dance lessons with Arthur Murray, we will introduce you to the art of dance. What’s more, you also get to enjoy many great new social opportunities. Each of our classes involves individual and group weekly and monthly dancing events. These events help you to fully enjoy the dance experiences and show off your newfound progress.

Whether you would like private one-on-one tuition with a dance instructor or you crave the social interaction of group instruction, we have what you are looking for. Our dance lessons are tailored to meet you where you are, and even if you have no experience with professional dance at all, we can help you to grow in your chosen discipline.

Let us help you to become more comfortable on the dance floor. Whether you are looking to learn a new routine for a wedding, corporate event or other specific occasion, or if you just want to feel more comfortable and at ease on the dance floor, we can help you to achieve your specific goals. Our dance lessons are tailored to meet your expectations.

What are Some of the Benefits of Taking Up Dance?

There are many great health benefits to taking up dance lessons. While developing your dancing skills, you can look forward to getting more fun and enjoyment from your social life, while also enjoying increased self-confidence. Meet many new people and make new friends, while sharing time with others who share your passions and interests.

Feel more at ease in social situations, while you improve your overall health and fitness levels, and find the fun in exercise and fitness again. Enjoy attending more parties, make special memories with your partner and overcome your shyness while acquiring more grace and poise. These are only a few of the many health benefits that you can look forward to when taking up dance lessons with us at Arthur Murray.

What Types of Dance Lessons Do We Offer?

We offer many types of dance lessons in different disciplines. Let us help you to get to grips with any of the following beautiful art forms and get your feet moving in:

  • The Cha-Cha;
  • The Fox Trot;
  • The Mambo;
  • The Rumba; and
  • The Samba, to name only a few.

Other dance styles on offer from Arthur Murray include the Waltz, Swing and the Tango. These and many other dance styles are waiting at Arthur Murray. We are part of an internationally renowned dance company, bringing the power and magic of dance to people from all walks of life. Our instructors are qualified professionals who are experienced in the types of dance lessons that they offer.

Since you are welcomed to a complementary dance lesson, you have nothing to lose! So book your first lesson for free at Arthur Murray and get started with becoming a seasoned dancer in your chosen specialty. If you don’t know which type of dance you would like to take up or the level to start at, then our instructors will be better able to advise you after completing your first lesson. Contact us to book your complementary dance lesson and to discuss your dancing needs in greater detail.