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Affordable Dance Classes

Customised Dance Classes Are Affordable

Music moves human beings, both on an emotional and a physical level, and to such an extent that babies will bounce their arms, hands and little bodies to a catchy beat. Tots are known to have a favourite piece of music or artist, judging by their happy responses.

Older persons are also moved by music, literally and figuratively, but express their emotions and physicality in different ways. Adults may sing along, keep the beat by tapping it out on the car’s steering wheel or tapping a foot, play air guitar or by getting onto their feet to carry out rhythmic movements – dance. Continue reading

Rumba Dance Lessons

The Delights of Dancing – Lessons for Adults

It’s extremely rare to find a sport or leisure activity which is rapidly growing in popularity again, physical in nature, suitable for all adult age groups and much loved by all, from complete beginners to those who are naturally talented or eminently competent.

Nevertheless, such a social pursuit does exist and is not difficult to find at a convenient location if you work in or reside near a major South African centre, and best of all, you don’t require expensive special gear in order to participate. You don’t even need to have a partner; singles and couples eagerly participate and are equally welcome. Continue reading

Dance Lessons and First Time Dancers

Why Many First-Time Dancers Take Up the Art Form

First-time dancers take up dance lessons for many reasons, varying from partaking in the health benefits of becoming more active, to boosting their social life and self-confidence. Whatever your reason is for looking into professional dance lessons, you can be sure that you will enjoy many great benefits when you commit to dancing.

Life can become so monotonous. Spending day in and day out behind a desk in a sunless office is not conducive to our general or mental health. Few people see opportunities in their week to get out and socialise in a safe and welcoming environment. But you deserve to take a few hours a week off and spend it on yourself, or book some quality time with your partner, and what better way than to keep fit and make new friends on the dance floor? Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions (Learn to Dance)

Here is One of the Best New Year’s Resolutions – Learn to Dance!

The new year has practically just started and most people are still working hard at sticking to their new year’s resolutions. Of course, some are more difficult than others, and often if the lofty goals we set for ourselves don’t bring much fun to our lives, we tend to lose interest and the resolution falls by the wayside. Experts recommend that we build fun and reward into our efforts to improve ourselves and our lives with these resolutions, and that with every resolution that is hard to keep going, we reward ourselves with a resolution that is fun to do and easy to stick to.  Continue reading

Arthur Murray Dance Studios

Improve Your Fitness and Social Life with Arthur Murray Dance Studios!

Most people have relatively active social lives, but for those who don’t, Arthur Murray dance studios may just be what they need.  Learning to dance does not only increase fitness levels, it also allows the dancers to make new friends, and the many social events that are regularly held at Arthur Murray dance studios help some people to get out more and to enjoy interacting with others who have the same interests in a fun environment.  Continue reading

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