Arthur Murray SA – Learn how to dance today

Arthur Murray SA has the Answer to Having Fun

Whilst it’s true that virtually all people who are joining Arthur Murray SA today want to learn how to dance, their reasons for wanting to do so are likely to vary. Couples may be about to get married, but are dreading that all important first waltz with which to open the floor, whilst others may wish to add another dimension and something new to their relationship.

Super for Singles

For single persons, taking lessons with Arthur Murray to learn how to dance, attending weekly socials and having loads of fun all the way, is an ideal way to broaden their horizons, make new friends, develop new social skills and engage in an additional hobby, interest or passion.

Alternative Exercise Solution

If your GP has advised that you something to get more exercise for health reasons and you simply hate the idea of going to the gym, taking regular aerobics classes, running or walking, then learning to dance at the Arthur Murray SA studio nearest you may well be your solution.

Health and Weight Benefits

Dancing is such fun that you won’t even be aware that you’re actually exercising your body and cardiovascular system. Before long, you’ll find that your fitness and endurance levels have developed, your muscle and skin tone has improved, your overall strength has increased and you’ve shed those unwanted extra kilos.

Lovers of Music

Have you ever noticed how lovers of music find it extremely difficult to remain still or quiet when they hear a favourite song? Some will hum or sing along. Others tap a foot, snap their fingers, clap hands, play air drums, air guitar or an imaginary keyboard, bob their heads, sway or follow the beat somehow.

People simply cannot contain themselves; the urge to move to the beat is too strong, seemingly almost primal. Even small babies, too young to walk, can be observed bouncing and waving their arms in time to music. Dancing is always coupled with music, irrespective of whether it’s audible or being nostalgically recalled in the mind of a lone dancer.

National/Folk Dances

Throughout the world, various nationalities have their own national, cultural dances which were traditionally performed for a variety of reasons, on various occasions. Most indigenous African and North American tribes had war and rain dances, also dancing in gratitude after a successful hunt, at marriages and as part of funeral ceremonies.

Other colourful traditional dances were simply social activities. Volkspele formed part of the early Afrikaans folk culture in SA. Greek, Scottish, Russian, Hungarian and Irish folk dances (amongst others) are still performed at cultural gatherings today.

Dances to Learn at Arthur Murray SA

The waltz has endured since approximately 1812 and is one of the oldest ballroom dances, one of the elegant styles which we teach, much loved by all. The Foxtrot, also known as the Quick-step, dates back to 1913 and was named after one Harry Fox, who introduced it into the Ziegfried Follies. It’s also eternally popular.

Inspired by the Cuban motion of the Mambo and Rumba, the lively Cha-Cha is easy to learn and highly infectious, having influences of rock added to the combination. “Mambo” may be translated as “shake it” or “stay it”, indicative of the distinctive foot styling, flicks and Cuban hip motion, which are particularly effectively executed in time to reggae music.

The rhythmical Rumba requires precise foot placement, which alsoassists in achieving the requisite, characteristic and undulating Cuban motion. The romantic Rumba is sometimes called “the dance of love”.

Swing” says it all. Variously also called Jive, Lindy Hop or Jitterbug, this fun, easy to learn movement is great to do accompanied by almost any rock music.

You’ll probably develop your own favourites, but Arthur Murray SA will nevertheless teach you all these styles of dance – you’ll never lack confidence and feel compelled to watch enviously from the side line again when the music begins to play, no matter where you are.