Arthur Murray SA and Types of Dance

Arthur Murray in SA – Leading Experts in Social Dance Tuition

If you’re South African and want to learn different types of dance as taught by world-renowned experts, there’s really only one concern to which to go – Arthur Murray in SA. Our experienced teachers will ensure that you’ll find this experience easy and a whole lot of fun too. Many of our students have been with us for years, simply because they love this healthy activity and the social interaction which it provides.

Yet others have progressed to the required level of excellence which conforms to the company’s ethics and standards, and have chosen to open their own tuition centre, another Arthur Murray franchise, where they likewise teach their own learners the most popular types of Latin American and Ballroom dances.

Musical Links

Dancing and music are intrinsically linked, for obvious reasons. It’s interesting to note just how wide these links have spread though. Way back in 1942 in the Big Band era, Jimmy Dorsey’s orchestra recorded a hit song entitled “Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing in a Hurray”. We did and still do, because you progress so quickly.

Since then, there’s been ample musical evidence of the popularity of dance. Lionel Richie and Gene Kelly respectively did it “on the ceiling” and “in the rain”. Chris Rea said (sang) “Lets …”, while Tina Turner stated that she’d perform privately for you. In 1976, Phil Collins declared that he couldn’t. The Beatles asked whether you wanted to.

In Saturday Night Fever, the Bee Gees sang that “You Should Be …” and many years earlier, Tchaikovsky composed “The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”.

Patrick Swayze demonstrated his skills on the dance floor when he starred in a film which contained the word “dirty” in the title, but this hit movie essentially highlighted the joy, romance, beauty, confidence building and entertainment aspects of performance dance.

Beneficial, Fun and Lots More

We’ve emphasised the fun aspect thus far, but dancing is great for a number of other reasons too.

  • Suitable for all ages (from 18 to 80), across the board.
  • Possibly the most enjoyable form of exercise and many students report weight loss.
  • Utilises most of the body’s muscle groups, increases overall strength.
  • Ideal as an alternative or supplement to gym (or other) exercise, since dance improves endurance, fitness levels and health in general.
  • Tones the body.
  • Includes an aerobic component, healthy and beneficial for the cardiovascular and circulatory system.
  • Improves posture and poise.
  • Great stress reliever and positive mood enhancer.
  • Builds self-confidence.
  • Broadens your world.
  • Increased social interaction.
  • Weekly social dancing at no extra charge.
  • Make new friends with whom you share a similar interest/
  • Changes wallflowers into active participants.
  • Partners are welcome (couples’ lessons also offered).
  • Singles equally welcome – many, many of our students are unattached. Everyone dances with everyone else (other learners and instructors) at socials.
  • Social evenings present the perfect opportunity for you to practice and have fun with all you’ve learned during your private lessons.
  • No special clothing or footwear required.
  • Subsequent lessons can be scheduled in accordance with your progress, aims and budget.

About our Roots at Arthur Murray in SA

“Arthur Murray” is has been synonymous with the teaching and learning of various types of dance, both worldwide and in SA. In 1912, now more than 100 years ago, American entrepreneur Arthur Murray developed his enduring, highly successful dance teaching programme, to the benefit of numerous generations of joyous social dancers in SA and elsewhere.

If you’re still in two minds about taking lessons and learning to dance, consider the following. Why not contact Arthur Murray in SA to reserve a complimentary, private introductory lesson to discover how much incredible fun it is to move your body and feet correctly to the diverse beats of varying styles of awesome music – in other words – dance?