Arthur Murray Dance Studios

Improve Your Fitness and Social Life with Arthur Murray Dance Studios!

Most people have relatively active social lives, but for those who don’t, Arthur Murray dance studios may just be what they need.  Learning to dance does not only increase fitness levels, it also allows the dancers to make new friends, and the many social events that are regularly held at Arthur Murray dance studios help some people to get out more and to enjoy interacting with others who have the same interests in a fun environment. 

Benefits of Learning to Dance

There are many different benefits associated with learning to dance with Arthur Murray:

  • Increased fitness levels:  Exercise doesn’t appeal to everyone, and some people are just too intimidated and disinterested in joining a local gym or exercising alone.  Dancing can be a great form of exercise and the Latin dance moves are especially geared towards using movements that work with various muscle groups.

But fear not – you don’t have to be fit to start!  There are various dances that are great for a variety of fitness levels, and when you start out at Arthur Murray dance studios, the dancing instructor will assess your body movements and fitness levels during the first session, and assign particular dance styles to you that will be suited to your body and fitness level.  This means that as you carry on dancing and learning faster and more intense moves, your stamina and cardio fitness will automatically increase as well.  And it certainly beats going to the gym!

  • Lose weight: Because of the vigorous dance moves and the exercise involved in dancing, it is highly likely that you will lose some weight if dancing regularly.  As the intensity of the dances increase, more weight will be lost, and if weight loss is your goal, you can combine regular dance lessons with a healthy eating programme that will encourage weight loss even further.
  • Leaner appearance:  Posture is very important in most dance styles, and it is important to keep the posture even while performing the moves.  This ensures that your body gets used to the dancing posture and as a result. your overall posture will improve, resulting in a learner look.
  • Increased flexibility:  Because dancing uses movements that are not within a person’s usual, everyday range, it improves the range of motion over a period of time, and makes bodies more flexible, which makes them much less prone to injury.
  • Better relaxation:  All forms of exercise release endorphins in the body, and this relaxes the body after exercise.  This means that there will be more feel-good hormones in the body, and that the person will inevitably sleep better and deal with stress better.  Dancing is also a good mechanism for coping with stress, as it can serve as a means of expression and a creative outlet, which can increase overall feelings of wellbeing.
  • Improved social life:  Learning to dance at Arthur Murray dance studios has helped many people to have a more active social life.  Various dance styles require dancing with a partner and this forces people to interact with others, where they would not normally have done so.  Many a romance have started on an Arthur Murray dance floor!  There are also regular social dances where students of different classes can dance and interact with each other.
  • Builds self-confidence:  Setting a goal and achieving it does boost self-esteem, and learning to dance, progressing and getting better at this activity gives people a sense of accomplishment.  It is enormously empowering to be able to walk onto a dance floor at a wedding or a party and look accomplished at a dance that very few others are able to do properly.  Being able to dance also gives people the confidence to step up to a dance floor in any situation – especially if this is not something that they would have done if they didn’t learn how to dance.

To enjoy all the benefits mentioned above, why not contact your local Arthur Murray dance studio to book your first dance lesson?  You are also welcome to visit the studio and to check it out first – we will have you dancing in no time!